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Compassionate Attorney Helping Victims of Severe Work Injuries in Modesto and Stockton Areas

Experienced Attorney for Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic work injury will likely require months in recovery at best, and at worst, it can be fatal. If you need to file a death claim or seek workers’ compensation for injuries such as spinal cord damage, seeking out a lawyer is wise.
​The Law Office of Jesse L. Alexander III represents clients in Modesto who are dealing with injuries such as internal organ damage, amputations, burn injuries and traumatic brain injuries. We do not just help fight for workers’ compensation. We help clients along every step of the process to ensure that they see justice served.

Compensation for Families in Death Claims

If you have been faced with the loss of a loved one due to a workplace accident, the emotional toll alone is a considerable consequence. The financial impact is likely to be significant, too, and you should be aware of your legal options following such a tragedy. Filing a death claim may be the best option for avoiding the financial impact of lost income and achieving justice after the wrongful loss caused by the employer.

Workers’ Compensation Representation in the Stockton and Tracy Areas

It does not happen often, but every once in a while, you likely see a news story about an explosion or freak accident that has seriously injured or even killed workers. In situations like these, it is of the utmost importance that the affected workers and families have strong legal support to fight for justice. The Law Office of Jesse L. Alexander III represents clients throughout Sacramento, Modesto, Stockton and Tracy who are filing a workers’ comp death claim. We also serve clients who require representation for a CRPS workers’ comp claim. To arrange a consultation, please reach out to us at 209-528-8000.