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Attorney Representing Clients With Hand, Wrist and Arm Injuries in Modesto

You use your hands, wrists and arms every day, but you may not think about them much if they are not injured. As soon as you have difficulty using them as you usually do, however, you are sure to face a number of challenges. If the injury occurred on the job or is the result of work, an arm or hand injury lawyer can help you seek recourse. The Law Office of Jesse L. Alexander III offers legal help to clients throughout the Modesto area who have suffered an arm or wrist injury and are seeking workers’ compensation. These injuries are particularly common at the following workplaces:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Retail stores

No matter what kind of workplace you were in at the time of your injury, however, you can consult with an attorney to explore your legal options. You should receive whatever medical treatment you need as well as any compensation you may be owed, and a lawyer may help you fight for these and other rights after an injury. We are dedicated to helping you regain normalcy and recover from your injury.

Helping You Pursue Your Workers’ Comp Claim in the Stockton and Tracy Areas

Workers’ comp claims are notoriously difficult to have approved, but many people do not have the benefit of an attorney fighting for them. With an arm or wrist injury attorney on your side, you can approach your claim with an experienced professional. The Law Office of Jesse L. Alexander III offers this and many other benefits to clients throughout the greater Modesto area. We also offer leg injury attorney services to clients, and we serve the Tracy and Stockton markets, too. For more information on the services we provide, please call us at 209-528-8000.

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